Antoni Pizà

“The songs of Antoni Parera Fons, and in particular the song cycle El darrer viatge (the last journey) are destined to become classics in their field.  There is surely something classic about them; there is something universal in this music that makes them accessible to a wide audience, but, at the same time, they are applicable to many different contexts. These songs are, well, rather pessimistic- love and death-, but beneath all the fog and disillusionment, down deep, the subtle musical procedures he uses to craft them simply reinforce the value of life- enthusiasm for life itself, at least, that’s what I would say.”

Pere A. Pons – Cultural/Diari de Balears

Amics, germans, here is a very moving elegy but one that’s brimming with life. I’ve rarely heard such a beautiful song. I could listen to this over and over again and then break down and cry. After that, of course, the champagne would taste much better.”

Emili Gené – Última Hora, 18.3.2007

“Moving, but somewhat disturbing songs. Here is a lot of poetry set to music, using a wide range of resources. This is intimate music….expressed through inspired melodies which move along in the midst of a wealth of phrasing and nuance.”