There are only two kinds of fascinating men: those who create great works and those who are great works themselves. Antoni Fons (Manacor, 1945) is one of the few men I know that is worthy of being included in the second category; especially for his cheerful elegance and his joie-de-vivre. Just seeing him in action, you can’t help but be overcome by his vitality and joy. Even a slightly droll remark and he sometimes just breaks out in laughter as if you’d told the funniest joke. This reaction, that in anyone else would be nothing more than feigned mock-modesty or an affected self-assuredness, in Antoni denotes a simple, natural satisfaction, a grateful and sincere reaction. Antoni Parera is the kind of person that instinctively would much rather be loved and appreciated rather than applauded and acclaimed.
Be that as it may, if we want to present him enthusiastically as a great fellow, it doesn’t mean we’re trying to give his work more credit than it deserves or conceal a frustrated professional career. Not at all. He is a singer who’s been retired for some time now but still remains alive in the memory of many, a prolific and well-respected music producer, and a versatile composer, a man whose person and official biography are one and the same, a seamless piece of material from top to bottom, a life lived to the full and an admirable professional and creative career. As Saul Bellow once said, existence is the job and there’s no denying the fact that Antoni Parera Fons did a real, real good job. In my second youth, I want to be like him.

Pere A. Pons, January-February 2006